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This Rescued Magpie Becomes Lifelong Friend Of The Family

Penguin The Magpie is the most popular bird on Instagram which is rescued and nursed back to health by Bloom family in Newport, Australia. Though the bird is magpie but this family named Penguin. Since then Penguin has become a regular visitor and a beloved member at the Bloom family’s home, playing with them and […] Read more

Incredible Surreal Photography In A Human Sized Fish Tank

Lara Zankoul, Lebanese conceptual photographer based in Beirut started a project “The Unseen World”. To better illustrate the concept, she used water in her endeavor as a reference to the mysteries of the sea. The photographs of The Unseen are split into two parts: what is above the water is the world everybody perceives; what […] Read more

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Living with a Lion inside home

Can you imagine lion as a pet at home? and what about our daily life with a lion! In 1971, LIFE photographer Michael Rougier captured these photographs when he had spent time with actress Tippi Hedren (star of the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”) with her husband, Noel Marshall, and her daughter, actress Melanie […] Read more

Meanwhile The Penny Floor In Chicago

Chicago based couple, Ryan Lange and Emily Belden glues 59,670 Pennies to to renovate the bedroom floor of their South Loop home.